Silk bedding set in color black 200x220cm


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  • MIAO silk bedding set is made of 100% mulberry silk with a thickness of 22momme.
  • MIAO silk bedding set is made of the softest and most luxurious silk on the market
  • MIAO silk bedding set is woven especially for our company with a view to the best possible well-being for skin and hair.
  • MIAO silk bedding set consists of a MIAO silk duvet cover in size 200x220cm and two MIAO silk pillowcases in large standard size 50 * 70cm.
  • The smooth surface of the MIAO silk bedding set minimizes the friction between your skin and the silk bedding set.
  • MIAO silk bedding set offers many health benefits as it contains natural proteins and essential amino acids that are similar to those on your skin.
  • Silk is a natural temperature regulator, which gives you optimal comfort when you sleep, be it summer or winter.
  • Silk does not attract dust, and is therefore optimal for allergy sufferers and others who are sensitive to dust.
  • Silk is also known to have a calming effect on body and soul, giving you a deep and good sleep.

Washing tips: Miao bedding set in silk can be machine washed with a silk / wool program at 30 degrees with Milo detergent. NB! Never use fabric softener on your silk. To preserve the silk, it is a good idea to turn it over when washing. When drying, they should lie flat and not in direct sunlight. Silke trenger heller ikke vaskes like ofte som andre tekstiler.

Remember that the better you take care of your silk, the longer your silk will take care of your skin and hair.


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