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Silk care

The better you take care of your silk, the longer your silk will take care of your skin and hair

  • We recommend all our customer to wash their silk by hand if possible, because this this the most gentle way to take care of your silk. Use cold og lukewarm water and gentle silk wash. This will help keep your silk comfortable, soft and delicate. 
  • All our silk products are specially produced for our brand, and the silk we use is of the highest quality available.  This means that our products can be washed in a machine with silk program, at max 30 degrees celsius, if you dont prefer hand wash. Wash inside out.
  • Air dry your silk flat or hung in shape. Avoid direct sunlight. Iron or steam your silk on low heat with the inside out.
  • Do NOT use fabric softeners of any kind as this will damage the silk treads.

Good tips

  1. You dont need to wash your silk as often as you think. The more often you wash, the faster the silk fabric will be worn. Please note that the silk has self-cleaning qualities, so to air it often will reduce the need for washing.
  2. If you are unfortunate and get stains on your silk, try to wash it immediately by hand with focus on the stained area.
  3. Choose a silk friendly and natural detergent, because many detergents contains strong chemicals that can damage the silk treads and the colour. 
  4. Do not use fabric softener of any kind.


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